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Built-in Nepal by Nepalese, Sikable is an open-market platform offering robust solutions to the new generation of learners and subject matter experts alike. And to those who have been to Putalisadak in Kathmandu, we are the digital version of what you see in Putalisadak. We believe in leveraging the power of today’s technology to deliver valuable knowledge, guidance, tutoring, and mentorship to learners who wish to learn more without breaking their wallet. As pioneering e-learning and online tutoring platform in Nepal, we are challenging and revolutionizing the conventional means of teaching, learning, and earning through a vibrant, scale-able, and highly reliable online face to face interactive platform.

We are tapping on the educational void, and capacities built around online learning; built in the country during COVID19 lockdown by setting up an e-learning marketplace, where experts and learners can have live face to face video sessions.

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Signup and Join Sikable online group classes, interactive face-to-face sessions, one-on-one live mentorship sessions, and online demonstrations set up exclusively for you by subject-matter experts and experienced professionals. Build your understanding of any subject to pass with flying colors through your high school or grad school or in your career.  Learn and acquire news skills online and turn your hobby/passion into a professional earning stream with Sikable’s online face to face interactive services.

Sikable Collaborators

Contribute your part in the success and enlightenment of the new generation who shall take the reign of Nepal’s progress in their hands. Whether you are a teacher, a subject-matter expert, a chef, a bank manager, or a seasoned student, with a passion to teach and are looking for additional income sources; Sikable offers you that opportunity. Start today!

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Or, are you a business (educational institutes) and tired of paying rent? Good News! You can now run your business via Sikable. Host multiple classes, assign your instructors and get your students enrolled. 

Join forces with us to seek the heights of success by leveraging the power of online learning today!

Sikable Virtual Events

Sikable is the product of a charming and cheerful community that welcomes new ideas and approaches to redefine the learning and earning channels in Nepal. We welcome a vibrant community of highly talented people, skilled learners, expert tutors, and experienced professionals through exclusive ticketed online events broadcasted on Sikable via our state-of-the-art video conferencing. It will enable any business or individual across the world to organize their shows on Sikable and attract a huge audience for their shows through Sikable!