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5 Online Courses in Nepal that will get you Instant job

Sikable • Sep 21, 2020

Gone are the times when people had to wait in a long line to apply for a job they don't even like. It's the 21st century—everything is fast and easy because of the internet. From finding a suitable job with the perfect criteria for applying and getting interviewed, it's all done online. But we all know, although finding a job easy it's difficult to get selected. The Internet has not only increased the easiness of acquiring jobs in Nepal but also the competition to get selected. There are 3 basic yet important requirements for every job:

1. Remarkable CV

2. Hardworking and Diligent Personality 

3. Good Set of Skills

One may achieve the first two only if the third criterion is met at a hundred percent. A good job with a good salary will require par skills. Nepal may have fundamental formal education compulsory for all but not everyone is privileged to achieve the same kind of skill sets and exposure to effective skill pieces of training. There are so few short courses to get a job. Courses for job seekers are hard to come by in Nepal. Even if they do, they are either expensive or not in line with already busy schedules. 

Additionally, gone are the days of boring office work. Many new and up-and-running entrepreneurs have opened creative spots with attractive salary. Believe it or not; content writing and Goggle Ads pay more than an average salary worker. You get money for writing and creating ads—it's simple as it gets. Now that the business market has expanded, it has opened up thousands of options for creative digital marketing opportunities. 

There are so many irrefutable opportunities. So, Sikable thought—why not bring online courses in Nepal that cater to the need of the less privileged and skilled learners? Why not open courses for job seekers?

Sikable teamed up with experienced and learned experts who have created online courses in Nepal that cater specifically to those who are in dire need of short courses to get a job. These experts, also known as Collaborators in Sikable, are on top of their fields and have amassed high-quality knowledge that they are willing to share. 

Top 5 List for the Best Courses for Job Seekers

1. Media and Blog writing 

The biggest and quickest success hitting skill is nothing but the media and blog writing skills. Got a knack for writing, almost any kind of writing? Then this kind of job is definitely up your lane. Sikable offers a Media and Blog Writing course which is also one of the highest-rated courses available right now. This is one of the most effective short courses to get a job because there at least a dozen opening for blog writers in media every week or so. Media and Blog Writing course has been praised by many learners as interesting, motivating, and informative. In a just few hours, anyone can grasp the basics of blog writing. 

2. Google Ads 

Google Ads runs the world. Copywriting and Ad creating is one of the most in-demand jobs currently. Sikable's Google Ad courses teach how to create Google Ads as well as keyword research. Anyone with remote ideas of writing can enroll in this course. The course also familiarizes beginners with Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match keywords. Beginners will be equipped with skills to convert Ad copies and set up a setting campaign. Additionally, learners who are looking to open their businesses will benefit from Google Ads: Beginner to Pro course that helps the user to create their own Google Ads account and connecting with Google Analytics. 

3. SEO

SEO contents are selling like hot momos in the Nepalese market no matter what sector. This is because SEO contents help bring a large percentage of customers to any business. SEO writing requires Keyword Research. This is the perfect short SEO course to get a job for those who are in urgent need of a good-paying job. General knowledge of SEO will equip any Learner with the ability to find the right keywords for any business, product, and service. The course only costs around Rs 500 which is an amazing bargain in the long run. 

4. Graphic Design: Photoshop and Illustrator course

Graphic Designing has more weight than it is given worth. A picture speaks a thousand words so if you have a message, why not illustrate it? Graphic designers are a key part of any successful marketing company. So, if you have the creative brains to bring life to pictures—this job is for you. The Basics of Photoshop and Illustrator is one of the most successful courses in Sikable. This course offers the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and enables Learners to tap into their creativity to design and develop works. So, no matter a photography label or a sari designer, a Learner is adaptable to any probable opportunity!

5. Online GIS training

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are required in a multitude of sectors including engineering, management, transport, logistics, insurance, telecommunication, and businesses. Any location-enabled service will require geographic analysis and visualization. With new location-based technology coming up, this is a valuable online course for job seekers. From the basics of GIS Concept and GPS Data Import to Map Design and Cartography, this course will give Learners the ability to adapt to any type of job that seeks complete GIS training

Why to choose the online courses in Sikable one might wonder. Well, the online courses in Nepal are largely brought to the crowd by Sikable. Learners do not have to travel in jam-packed hours of the city to get to any sort of class. These online courses are:

  • Short but effective
  • Efficient for those with busy schedules
  • Available in the comfort of your home

So, what are you waiting for? Join Sikable and pave your way to getting a deserved job fright away!

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