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7 Online Courses in Nepal with Dedicated Tutors

Sikable • Sep 28, 2020

They say a learner can only learn well if the tutor is dedicated to their fields. It's a common experience for everyone. We know teachers who are loved and appreciated by all because of their hard work and dedication in their subjects. Sikable thought, why not take these dedicated tutors to a new platform to showcase their amazing skills in teaching? In the time when everything but education has halted, why not take the formal education to a better and advanced form of learning through technology?

Online learning in Nepal has gone new heights of technological advancements and various upgrades to bring an excellent learning environment for learners all around. The pandemic has caged everyone into their homes, away from any educational institute. However, it did not stop the teaching-learning process. Online classes during the lockdown in Nepal have helped millions of students across the country get access to education right from their home. It is safe, reliable, and convenient for all. Learners can get courses on skills they wish to procure—from simple courses of musical instruments to complex advanced courses of Information Technology and software development.

Tutors, on the other hand, have been able to extend their online tutoring services through Sikable. They can impart their knowledge as well as earn money from the comfort of their home. It saves time, money, and energy to ensure the best quality of teaching from the tutors. Sikable allows both learners and tutors to have uninterrupted communication during any form of online learning. Additionally, Sikable curates a list of 7 dedicated tutors who have been crowned the most successful online courses in Nepal. 

1. Harmonica course

As per Prateek Bhusal, a major Harmonicist, Harmonica is a superb instrument that can be learnt by anyone easily. It is an instrument that can speak the language of emotions. The basic course on Harmonica teaches the basic tunes, special aerial techniques to blow the instrument as well as sliding of it properly. An instrument can only be played well by someone with proper techniques so Mr. Bhusal will guide learners to these basic techniques so that anyone can play songs easily. 

2. Fitness Boot Camp 

Working from home may be good for COVID prevention but it may not be so for physical health and stamina. As gyms are still closed, a healthy lifestyle inside our homes can be tricky. But the Fitness Boot Camp initiated by Grishma Bista on Sikable is a one-month workout regiment for anyone who wants to work on their fitness. Each week consists of full-body workouts, stretches, and tips from the dedicated trainer Basnet. She has been a fitness instructor for many institutes across the capital and hopes to bring forward the BeYouFitness29 campaign to promote body positivity. 

3. Intensive Acting Course

Bisharad Basnet, actor, writer, and director has brought the very first online acting course for beginners who see themselves wanting to reach heights of fame through an acting carrier. The course is designed by the Acting School of Nepal, the founder of which is Mr Basnet himself. He wants learners to deal with the relationship of actor-body, space and to the challenging physical dynamics of tension within the body. This course is entirely dedicated to a learner to understand the major ingredients to generate and work on creative acting. Although primarily targeted to the youngster, the course is open to all professionals seeking to sharpen their acting skills. It is also ideal for teachers, theatre practitioners, educators, and so on. Bishard Basnet has dedicated his life to the devising a way for people to connect to the world of acting. His versatile personality is often reflected in his fun and intuitive online course. 

4. Secrets of Academic Writing

Most people are confused about academic writing that is stapled part of higher education in Nepal. Kushal Pokharel, an independent Media Writer and Researcher, brings light to the importance of useful techniques to ace in academic writings. He believes currently, students are not learning to form proper academic articles but rather copying and making the same mistakes. Hence, he wants to provide theoretical insights and useful skills needed to write a flawless academic paper. Even professionals have a hard time getting the skills of academic writing perfect. Pokharel's previous course on Content Writing has also been a major success as a top tier online learning in Nepal. 

5. Graphic Designing for Beginners

Hosted by Suraj Raj Wagle, Graphic Designing for Beginners is a course targeted for those who have no prior knowledge of graphic designing but want to start as a means of hobby or even a fulltime job later. Suraj Raj Wagle is the CEO and Lead Artist of Pink Elephant Studios who has actively worked in the field of advertisement, animation and VFX for Nepali as well as international based clients. His 7-Day Course entails the introduction of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which are powerful tools for designing and illustration. His dedication has led to his course being featured on Sikable as one of the most engaging online tutoring services. 

6. Web Development using WordPress

With the dawn of digital marketing, Web pages are needed everywhere. This online tutoring service is suitable for someone who wants to be a WordPress developer, create their blogging site or personal site. Website developers also get easy money by developing Premium websites. 

7. Grade 10 Math Tuition Class

Learners of Grade 10 struggling with the syllabus of Grade 10 Mathematics can use this opportunity to familiarize with the four sections: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Online tutoring services are an effective way to maintain distance while preparing for the SEE. Online classes during the lockdown in Nepal can be aided by this tuition course which will make the students better understand the materials given by the teachers. The tutor also can give alternative means for better understanding. 

Look around Sikable, it's open for everyone. Invest in online teaching as well as learning process!

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