Our Vision: Democratizing Learning in Nepal

Sikable is a platform that strives to create a democratized environment for the teaching and learning process. Stemming from the word "Democracy", democratization refers to the process of catering to the larger mass. Therefore, democratized learning ensues anyone anywhere can get the same form of education through the medium of online courses. Sikable uses this idea to empower both Collaborators and Learners to keep the process of learning on-going.

Sell online courses with Sikable

Online courses in Nepal are the up and coming alternatives to the outdated classrooms limited to the walls of a classroom. Now, anyone from anywhere can connect to thousands of online classes from our site on Sikable. Collaborators can conduct their very own online courses through Sikable's video-conferencing. Collaborators can save time and money by not having to go to teach at the student's place but rather through the comfort of their homes during and after the global pandemic.

Creating Engaging Content for Online Courses

Starting online courses in Nepal can be nerve-wracking. Don't panic—Sikable's handy guide will help you set up right away!