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Online Learning Website in Nepal with Industry experts tutors

Sikable • Sep 12, 2020

With constant lock-downs and curfews, the pandemic has left an impressionable effect in the world. When you can't get out of your house, how do you get to learn? Online learning sites, of course! Online learning sites in Nepal have been a cornerstone of expanding the boundaries of education. From the boring classroom scenario to exciting stay-at-home learning opportunities, everybody gets to learn what they like. But we know better than anyone how boring a one-way Zoom meeting can get. That's where Sikable comes in. 

Sikable is Nepal's pioneer online teaching site with hundreds of courses ranging in type, level of expertise, and certification. Sikable allows learners to engage in learning activities right from their homes with just a device and a stable internet. Sikable compliments also as an online teaching site where an expert can start their course for free. Collaborators are free to earn as they host their classes accordingly. Sikable addresses fellow experts as Collaborators as they are much knowledgeable about the topic that they host. Collaborators can also host One-Day Events free or ticketed. Sikable ignites a judgment-free learning-teaching zone. Learners can comfortably tune into any course on Sikable and Collaborators can run their show on their terms.