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Online Tutoring Jobs for Teachers

Sikable • Oct 13, 2020

Three elements make the best teachers: the love for learning, the love for learning, and the love for bringing the first two together. Anyone who is remotely a teacher knows the joy in assisting others to learn and spread the knowledge they have gained. However, due to the global pandemic, the teaching process has been hindered severely. Most teachers are unable to go to schools and colleges because of lockdowns.

Tutors are not being hired because of the scare of transmitting the COVID-19. This is an unbelievably a hard time for teachers and tutors who are looking for a stable job with good pay. Moreover, even the online mediums like Zoom are complex for some teachers to understand. 

Sikable understands the zeal each teacher puts in shaping a learner's life. Hence, Sikable has made it possible to have a stable job even in these hard times. Sikable is undeniably one of the best online tutoring jobs. The pioneer in the online teaching-learning process has made it possible for tutors looking for students to be connected to enthusiastic learners. There aren't many online tutoring sites for teachers hence Sikable is the most viable option for all teachers in Nepal.

Why Sikable is the best platform online tutoring jobs for tutors in Nepal?

1. Constant inflow of Learners

Sikable brings hundreds of learners searching for courses that fit their tastes. Every day, the internet using students requires versatile and diligent tutors to help them understand many things. With Sikable, students can connect with an online tutoring site for teachers where tutors are plenty available. Learners can connect with tutors or collaborators and learn the course as it is laid out. Tutors can open scheduled class times and students will fill in as per their convenience. Sikable has enabled tutors to teach and earn right from the comfort of their homes. It takes away the cost of transportation and also maintains social distancing. It's a win-win situation for both learners and tutors. 

2. Easy Interface and Quick Features

Teachers who became online tutors with the help of Sikable have expressed how easy it is to navigate across the features of Sikable. In fact, even elderly tutors have no problem accessing the facilities of Sikable. Sikable has various features that help tutors get the most of their courses. Tutors can assign assignments right from Sikable. Even sharing various forms of documents can be done easily. Additionally, tutors have their calendars where they can plan their classes and make the most of their courses. Courses can have individual classes as per the convenience of the tutors. Whatever time is assigned the students can attend the open courses. 

3. Wide range of options for courses

Sikable being an online tutoring site for tutors doesn't limit teachers from teaching only school or college curriculums. There are no limitations in starting a course. Sikable is a free platform where anyone can start any kind of course. Currently, there are about a hundred courses already registered in Sikable. The courses range from musical instruments, acting, writing, cooking, programming, designing, illustration, and many more. It is up to the tutor to decide. There are also academic courses like tuition courses for grade 10 students. Students are up to learn anything if they decide to. So, be creative and start a course that you are already an expert at. 

4. Earn as you teach 

The biggest advantage of online tutors is that they can earn as they teach from Sikable. Moreover, tutors can assign the amount as per their wish. They can also assign discounts if they want to. Tutors who want to open One-Day events can also host their workshops on Sikable and assign fees on it. Sikable has partnered with Khalti with to assist the online money transaction so that any tutor can get their payment easily. Another option is through bank transfer if the tutor has no Khalti app. So, any tutor is open to having the fee as per their wish and get paid immediately as students enroll in the courses. 

5. Ratings from learners

Learners can rate the courses that online tutors have put up on Sikable. This allows the tutors to get feedback and appreciation for their hard work and dedication. In other words, tutors can better their courses according to the feedback that they get from the learners. The ratings from the Learners also allow the courses to be featured on the home page of Sikable. This process further boosts the number of learners that visit and look over the course by the tutor. So, the fair and just system will bring many learners to the tutors. 

6. Feature by Sikable

Sikable routinely features courses on the home page of the site to courses that have received high ratings and good feedback from learners. Not only that, but Sikable also features the new courses which give exposure to such courses. Other online tutoring sites rarely do this so the tutors do not get students despite being a good course. 

Become an online tutor through Sikable as you explore the endless opportunities brought by the online learning and teaching community. Apart from maintaining social distancing, online tutoring can bring a stable flow of income even in rough times like in lockdown. It ensures there is continuity in the democratization of learning. No matter where the tutor is or the student, there is a steady flow of information and knowledge between them. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join Sikable and become an online tutor today!

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