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Our Vision: Democratizing Learning in Nepal

Sikable • Aug 21, 2020

What is Democratizing Learning?

Sikable is a platform that strives to create a democratized environment for the teaching and learning process. Stemming from the word "Democracy", democratization refers to the process of catering to the larger mass. Therefore, democratized learning ensues anyone anywhere can get the same form of education through the medium of online courses. Sikable uses this idea to empower both Collaborators and Learners to keep the process of learning on-going.  

Free online courses for Democratizing Learning

Reports on various places of Nepal show that education has not been able to take a firm grip on many rural areas due to geographical disadvantages. Yet, these places have adequate facilities for the internet, computer, and smartphones. It can be deduced that these areas are in dire need of alternatives to education that requires physical presence with a teacher in the front. This is where Sikable comes in. With state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities, Sikable is the perfect substitute for conventional methods of learning. In this age of technology, geography should not be a hurdle to get a proper education.

Nepal is equally blessed with teachers, mentors, and guides willing to offer their time and patience to spread knowledge in the country. With free online courses, anyone can pursue free university classes online from the recently popular digital marketing courses to evergreen cooking classes. Anybody can learn from anywhere! Education no longer needs to be formal or within educational institutions with physical infrastructure. Just sign into Sikable and let your creativity expand with equally dynamic teaching capabilities of influential collaborators.

The democratization of Learning in the Present Context

The COVID-19 panic has left the whole world suffering. Everything has come to a massive halt, from businesses to transportation. However, in this time of scarcity, there's one process that did not stop for anything—the process of learning. The online learning community has seen the biggest boom since the pandemic arose thanks to the constant innovations of online learning platforms. Sikable stands to continue the legacy of online teaching and learning. With educational institutes being shut down, the only sustainable alternative until things go back to normal is to switch to online learning with Sikable.

While the students learn with Sikable, the teachers can earn their living as well as bring a much-needed change in the teaching dynamics of the nation. Collaborators are given the freedom to choose their rates according to their needs. A lot of teachers, guides, and instructors have to stay at home without pay due to closed institutions. Sikable comes in handy for earning at the comfort of your own with minimal requirements. Just get your device and log in to Sikable. Create your course and start your online classes. It's as simple as it gets!

What sets Sikable apart?

Sure, the democratization of learning is necessary. Nepalese netizens might wonder—why choose Sikable? Firstly, Sikable is one of the first domestic products of its kind---made in and for Nepal. Secondly, Sikable competes with already well established international platforms such as Zoom and Skype in terms of high quality with low pricing. With schools resorting to alternative means of physical classrooms, Sikable is the probable option in the time of budget crunch. Additionally, Sikable's features of assignments and resource sharing give the website a professional outlook, perfect for complying with the curriculum of educational institutions. Finally, Sikable is an up-and-coming platform, which means modification will be constant to achieve and deliver an even higher quality of online services to Learners and Collaborators alike.

It's an accepted truth that a company's vision must be driven by the aspirations of its customers. Henceforth, Sikable becomes a bridge to bring together passionate Collaborators willing to share their creativity through online courses for equally passionate Learners looking to invest in these online courses. Sikable offers thousands of such courses ranging from online university courses to experts on digital marketing online courses. Learn or earn—it's up to you. The sky is the limit. 

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