Sell online courses with Sikable

Sikable • Aug 09, 2020

Sell online courses with Sikable (For collaborators)

The current situation of a worldwide pandemic has left the world to grasp the advancements of technology to keep going. From banking to marketing, online presence has kept afloat many businesses in this time of turmoil. Many people are working from home, at the comfort of their couch. Imagine if we could create the same environment for the learning and teaching process? What if teachers could reach students from any part of Nepal just with a stable connection and a device? 

Sikable offers a chance to democratize the education system through its fast, easy, and productive online platform. Any teacher, expert, guide, or coach can become a Collaborator with Sikable. Our learning community can be an earning platform for you. Make your online course in Nepal right from your home. You no longer require scouring endlessly for a large space for students. Join us today and be a part of a revolutionized teaching process online!  

Teach online 

Online courses in Nepal are the up and coming alternatives to the outdated classrooms limited to the walls of a classroom. Now, anyone from anywhere can connect to thousands of online classes from our site on Sikable. Collaborators can conduct their very own online courses through Sikable's video-conferencing. Collaborators can save time and money by not having to go to teach at the student's place but rather through the comfort of their homes during and after the global pandemic. Sikable is a safe alternative to face-to-face teaching where there are many health hazards in the current situation. Students are more likely to opt for safer options too, hence the rise in taking the online course has risen in Nepal. As long as you got internet, Sikable has your back for uninterrupted teaching from your side. 

Make Money Online

With our partnerships with Khalti, Collaborators can earn right from home just like anyone else working from home. Don't have a Khalti account? No problem. Sikable is also equipped with direct bank payment which learners can use to pay the Collaborators. You don't need to have any contact to earn money, making it very safe and sound than conventional teaching methods. You can also save on transport with the means of teaching online.  You no longer have to bargain. See the already existing online courses and put forward your price. Hosting events has never been easier! Simply create a collaborator's account and organize your event. From comedy shows to world-class webinars, your choices are endless. Be creative, attract learners. 

Online Course Platforms

 Apart from being safe and saving your time and money, the online course platform offers other cool features. Collaborators can assign assignments to their learners with a simple click. Share your unlimited resources. You can also receive reviews from learners which will boost your platform even more. Sikable's courses can be shared on all platforms across the web. Collect learners as you share them on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. The freedom to customize your course is endless. Organize and successfully hold one-day-events with the place for more than 100 attendees. Set your price and seat limits and you're good to go! Opportunities are endless, don't miss them out on Sikable!