7 Days Intensive Acting Course LEVEL 1

7 Days Intensive Acting Course LEVEL 1


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About Courses :

These courses is designed by Acting School Of Nepal, in Association with Bisharad Basnet to build upon core areas of acting : movement, voice and the development of strong performance through understanding dramatic texts.

Courses will deal with the relationship of actor-body, space and to the changing physical dynamic of tension within the body, and to focus on the creative ingredients to generate, devise and author own work.

Our courses specially designed and prepared for children, enthusiastic youngsters, beginners and all professionals. The major thrust of the workshop is to create an atmosphere where anybody can train themselves as confident, spontaneous, and expressive human being and get success in any field they are working. This workshop is ideal for teachers, theater practitioners, educators, learning and development trainers, students of theater, B.Ed candidates.

Instructor Profile :

Bisharad (born as and name in documents Bisharad Basnet) is an Actor / Writer / Casting Director & Film Maker known for his roles in Tandav, Dui Rupiyaa, Sushree Sampati.

Bisharad is known as a versatile Actor / Writer / Casting Director & Film Maker in the Nepali Film Industry .His Directional debut film Mr.Virgin 2018 and Na Yeta Na Utaa in 2019 in Nepal. His short film 3rd Law is selected in many film festivals.He is activetly involve in teaching Acting in different school in India & Nepal.



Filmography As Film Director :

Reference Links Of News Paper :


Bisharad Everest Film Academy

Bisharad THE HINDU 2

Bisharad THE HINDU 3

Bisharad The Hindu 4

Bisharad My Republica


Mind , Body & Soul play important part in performance. We Will Learn Activation Of Sense Memory and its Implementation in Acting

  1. History & Origin
  2. Style Of Acting
  3. Difference Between Theater & Film Acting

Understanding the relationship between Voice & Body.How does they complement each other in Theater & Films.

In day 4 we will learn how important is Mind,Body and Soul and How Speech and Text enhance performace

As an actor how Costume,Properties and Make-up play key role to enhance performance

We will learn how to create character after reading script

We will understand source of performing Arts and it Limitation and summering 7 Days what ever we learned


Sanjog Thakali

Sanjog Thakali

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28 Sep 2020



I just joined .. Afte I learn I will change the rating as per my experience.... happy to join this course

19 Sep 2020

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