Abroad studies with scholarships grants and fellowships

Abroad studies with scholarships grants and fellowships


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Scholarships resources abroad and how to be prepared for the current session abroad in USA, Europe and Australia

Students for all levels: +2, Bachelors masters and PhD are invited.

Students from all sectors, including hotel management, nursing, accounting, science, arts and finance are invited.

In this course, we will learn what are they key factors in applying for scholarships abroad without using any consultancy. We will learn what it takes to be offered full to partial scholarships and discuss the resources abroad.

  • We will also discuss how to be prepared the Corona-virus affected applications and current sessions in USA, Europe and Australia.
  • How to be sharp and confident during interviews, how to format your CV for foreign universities and how to attract interest from admissions and scholarships panel.
  • How to write cover letters and statement of academic and research interests and short literature reviews for further academia.
  • What are the potential job rich academic sectors and about your future prospects.
  • How to search and apply for scholarships grants and fellowships for abroad studies

Post counseling followups and formatting of CV and cover letters will be done free to participants.


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Bhuwan GhimireSikable Provider
October 2020