Financial Literacy Training of Trainers

Financial Literacy Training of Trainers

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Financial Literacy equips a person with knowledge, skill and attitude required for proper money management. Every aspect of person’s life is touched by money. A person needs money in birth, education, career, marriage, sickness, maintaining social status, living standard and even in death. Therefore, proper money management ensures success of a person to realize life goals in the physical world. Financial Literacy is important and relevant to everyone regardless of any professional background.

Financial literacy encompasses topics such as developing positive mindset toward money management, short-term cash management and long-term financial planning. Financial education empowers people with winning mentality by cultivating a self-belief that prosperity is possible and it is not something that the fate decides. A financial literate person understands how finances and financial services work, and thereby can make informed choices about personal and family finance management. Financial literacy is even more important to lower income households to avoid debt traps and ensure socio-economic progress.

Mobile and internet technologies have touched a wide spectrum of society. Online capacity development programmes have become even more relevant in the COVID-19 crisis scenario as in-person gathering for training are considered risky and not deemed practical. Online training is also cost-effective and time-flexible as it does not require costly logistic arrangements.

Therefore, Aria Group Nepal has developed an online financial literacy training module on training of trainers on online financial literacy. Aria Group Nepal has also launched a personal money manager app named “Sampatti” that makes it easier for people to set financial goals, make budget, keep track of finances and access useful resources to understand the financial services. This course helps learners make the best use of Sampatti app. The training of trainer module has been designed to develop trainers interested to learn about personal finance management and in-turn conduct training events, especially among the low-and-moderate income communities that have been hit the hardest as economy has slowed down and jobs have become scarce. 

The participants will be sent course materials (reading and videos) and will be given assignments on each topic. The assignment will be presented by the participants in the following class; followed by discussions and lesson delivery. The course consists of 5 classes of 3 hours each with at least 2 days in between 2 classes.



Ø Budgeting

Ø Brief revision of the course

Ø Using Sampatti app and online resources and forums

Ø Online post-test


Ø Online pre-test

Ø Introduction to course and digital tools used in the training (including Sampatti app)

Ø Adult Learning


Ø Money mindset

Ø Dreams and goal-setting

Ø Net-worth


Ø Diversifying income

Ø Managing expenses

Ø Savings

Ø Responsible debt management


Ø Insurance

Ø Investments

Ø Retirement planning 


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Bibhor KayasthaFinancial Inclusion Consultant; Management Consultant; Entrepreneur
October 2020