Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp

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Every week we will focus on different part of our body with the help of variations in workout sessions.

  1. Week 1 = Focus on whole body workout.
  2. Week 2 = Focus on abs, legs, chest and back workout.
  3. Week 3 = Upper body sculpting workout and fat burning workout.
  4. Week 4 = Lower body Sculpting workout and gluts toning workout.


While we will intensely start our work-out sessions from the very first day these are the following fitness variations that we will be doing during the whole boot camp session:

  1. Boxing and pilates
  2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  3. Barre cardio workout
  4. Body Sculpting and toning workouts
  5. Tabata workout
  6. Progressive Fat burning exercises


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October 2020