Learn Harmonica Basics

Learn Harmonica Basics


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Harmonica is the most portable and easy playing instrument. Soothing music and costs very less. Just you need to learn it.

After this course, learners shall be able to:

  1. play basic 7 tunes (sa, re, ga,..sa) in harmonica.
  2. Learn about pulling and pushing the air while playing.
  3. Little practise on sliding the instrument between lips for correct hole.

And after learning basics, it wont be very hard to play a song!!

Note: You need to have your own harmonica.


  • Basic and short introduction to the instrument.
  • Pros and Cons of Harmonica.
  • Selection of suitable harmonica.
  • Proper holding of harmonica.
  • Proper Sliding of harmonica.
  • Blowing and Pulling air inside harmonica.
  • Playing sargams in harmonica.
  • Basics on upper note and lower note in harmonica.
  • Writing notes for song.
  • Playing some basic and simple song in harmonica.


Rohit Barnawal

Rohit Barnawal

Hello i am intrested !!

14 Aug 2020

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Prateek BhusalHarmonicist
October 2020