Web Development using WordPress - Basics for Beginners

Web Development using WordPress - Basics for Beginners


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This class is ideal for someone who wants to

  • Work as a WordPress developer in the future. 
  • Who wants to open up their own Blogging site/portfolio, personal site.
  • Make a personal portfolio website.
  • Earn money easily by learning to make Premium websites.
  • Make websites for E-commerce, small businesses, organizations, schools colleges, hospitals, institutes and many more.

Training requirements and prerequisites

  • Simple knowledge of computer, website and browser
  • Please bring a laptop with Windows, Linux or Mac OS installed.
  • You don’t need to install any software, however, please have a modern web browser installed. (Latest version of FireFox / Google chrome/ Internet Explorer /Safari, or Opera
  • If you feel more comfortable using an external mouse, please bring one, too.
  • Please bring your own charger. 

Learning outcomes

After completing the training, the attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the content types of WordPress and its differences. 
  • Install and configure WordPress on a hosting account
  • Understand how to tweak your theme settings and alter the look of your site
  • Configure WordPress to your preferences
  • Install new themes and plugins in any WordPress site
  • Understand how to make secured websites 
  • Detailed knowledge of Plugin and templates.
  • Make premium websites (Personal/Portfolio, E-commerce, Blogging, Photography, Business, Organization, School, Colleges, Hospitals and likewise)

Note: This course does not teach WordPress development (PHP coding)


Course Overview

Prerequisite Technologies

WordPress intro

Hosting and necessary tools

Local envirnoment setup (XAMPP/MAMP)

Domain basics and registration process

Fresh Installation

Admin panel overview

Settings/Static homepage



Page Builders



Header elements

Menus and default positions (primary, secondary, etc.)

Footer and bottom copyright bar

User management



Customize options

Theme options

Widgets and sidebars[Shortcode usage]


Excerpt/Featured image

Screen options

Image Gallery/lightbox

New setup for revision

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Single Page

Multiple Page



Add a blog

Blogs Listing


Marketplace: Premium themes/plugins

Demo import

Choosing right pluginsPremium vs lite

.htaccess edit

Max upload size

Max input vars

Manual Migration

Server to Server

Local to Server

Plugin: All in one wp-migration


Security Essentials

Protecting your WordPress

Detecting issues

Security Plugins overview


Backup and restore


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