Free Event for Crash Course on Proposal Writing

Free Event for Crash Course on Proposal Writing

October 03, 20206:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Free event

In this event, we will discuss the contents of the training. We, together, will tailor-made the course that best suits you! We will discuss the following:

Session 1

Mastering the Non-Profit Writing: What and How? 

Session 2

Project Cycle and the Underlying Concepts

Session 3

Using Data and Statistics for Documents 

Session 4

Monitoring and Evaluation: Debunking the Myths and Exercising the Gist

Session 5

Writing a Project Proposal: Where and How to Kick-Start and Stop?

Session 6

Project Report: Increasing Readability of Your Reports

Session 7

Technological Add-Ons: Adding Value to Your Documents

Session 8

Persuasive Writing

Mentoring (for a week)

At your convenience, we will help you apply what you learn during the preceding week. Bring to us any of your work, and we will work together to sharpen your skills and modeling a wanna-be perfect writer in you.


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